Enjoy Freedom

Collaboration with Charles Arnot. Screen print on Stonehenge, 2005

Charles Arnot called me late in 2004 and asked if I'd be interested in the two of us collaborating on an artwork together.

The reason being that the theme for the 2005 Sydney Printmakers Collective was "Collaboration".

Although I'm not much of a collaborator and had never met Charles (who has been a respected screenprinter and lecturer in screenprinting for many years) I decided it was worth meeting him.

I liked him when we met and thought collaborating was worth a try.

In the end, working with Charles turned out to be great fun.

We not only share a love of screenprinting, but also found we have similar opinions about life, the universe, shock jocks and "stuff".

We also like the same music.

I'm very happy with the work we came up with. I think it's not only a great print, but identifiably a work by both Charles Arnot and Nick Bleasel.

Say what you like about "Coalition of the Willing" but, in our case, I think our coalition was a good thing.


 © Charles Arnot & Nick Bleasel 2005. All rights reserved. Unauthorised reproduction is stealing.