Buzzy Be says: Create, Be Vocal, Live

Set of three Screenprint posters. July, 1999


I thought everyone knew the bit of graffiti that said "Consume. Be silent. Die." I thought it was one of those cliché fatalistic messages that everyone had seen.

Well, they haven't.

So the original poster for this idea - a simple statement of their opposites, (in silver on a blue black background) didn't work as planned. People liked the sentiments but felt the poster was a bit dull and "No, I never heard the expression 'Consume, Be Silent, Die.' Are you sure it's an expression?"



I realised I needed to try an approach that would work even if people didn't know of "Consume, Be Silent, Die."

So I decided to borrow from kindergarten and present the sentiments as helpful advice.

I chose Buzzy Bee because, as we all know from kindergarten, the ever helpful bee is not only full of practical advice for daily life, but the integrity of bees is beyond reproach.

The posters were always put up in the street as a set of three, but when I later made badges and people could chose, 'Create' was the most popular.


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