Welcome to Sydney
Do not feed the Kangaroos

Screenprint on plastic August, 2000


One of the things that visitors to Sydney are often amazed by are the number of Kangaroos running wild in the city. Driven out of their natural habitats by development, these wild Kangaroos - as well as a healthy population of abandoned domestic pet Kangaroos - are an incongruous sight in what is otherwise a large Western style city.

Local Sydney-siders however, have long regarded the Kangaroo as a pest. Their unpredictable nature and large bulk mean they are a significant cause of traffic accidents in Metropolitan Sydney.

For this reason a local would never consider feeding the often endearing groups of Kangaroos and their Joeys which inhabit the Sydney parks, but overseas tourists often do so - in spite of the prominently displayed signs.

The arrival of so many visitors to Sydney for the Olympics alerted authorities to the risk that so much available feed would result in a Kangaroo plague far worse than that which followed the 1988 Bicentennial Celebrations.

A campaign designed to ensure that our visitors got the message that the Kangaroos were not to be encouraged involved large scale distribution of these signs, as well as a free AvantCard postcard which was distributed throughout the Games period.

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