The Heynick Archive of Australian Protest and Street posters.


Welcome to the online gallery of protest posters from the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and now.
Unlike the collection of posters from the Tin Sheds collective, these posters are not from any specific collective or group. Some are one off posters, others were created as part of a series.

The "Bring Back Utzon" posters were made to protest the sacking, in 1967, of Jørn Utson the Danish architect and designer of the Sydney Opera House. The sacking of Utzon by the (Liberal) NSW Government meant that her coun't finish the supervision of the building of the Opera House and it outraged not only many in the community, but also many architect's and union groups. It was a particular call to arms that saw a number of groups involved in making protest posters.


All of the posters in this gallery are copyright. In most cases the name of the artist is listed below the poster but there are some posters where the artist's name is unknown. Often there was a policy in poster collectives to avoid crediting an individual, on other occasions records weren't kept or have since been lost. For this reason I haven't put credits on individual posters.

All posters are copyright and this should be respected.

I welcome any contact from people who can correct entries or supply more details.

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